Your Child and Dentist Anxiety: How We Make The Pediatric Dentist in Arlington Fun!

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Sending your child to a pediatric dentist in Arlington for the first time can be daunting for both you and your child. When neither of you knows what to expect, it can build anxiety. Although visiting a dentist for the first time can be frightful for a little one, there are ways to make visiting the best pediatric dentist in Arlington fun and stress-free!

Before bringing your little one in, be sure to speak with your pediatric dentist about what to expect and how to ease your child’s anxiety before the visit. Thankfully, here at Park Place Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we’re specialized in providing young ones with all their dental needs.

Are you still wondering how we’ll help ease your child’s anxiety and encourage a fun visit to the dentist? Continue reading below to learn more!

Specializing in Pediatric Dentistry

One of the best ways to help ease your child’s anxiety about the dentist is to bring them to a pediatric dentist. Why not choose a regular dentist? Pediatric dentists specialize in working with young children.

They complete years of training for this specialization. This means they have the knowledge needed to ensure your child feels safe and secure. Lots of smiles, warm welcomes, and special techniques are used specifically to ensure your child has a great experience.

Here at Park Place, the entire team comes together to ensure you and your child have a wonderful visit.

Getting Them Familiar With the Dentist

Another great way to help ease your child’s anxiety is to get them familiar with visiting the dentist as early as possible. As soon as your child develops their first tooth, you should begin bringing them to the dentist. Not only is this essential for proper dental care, but it also gives your child and the dentist the time they need to bond.

When your little one is familiar with the office, the dentist, and dental services, it won’t be as scary for them as they get older. Park Place even works with infants from as young as one year. Even if they don’t have their first tooth yet by age one, it’s still recommended to bring them in.

The dentist can still do an examination of your little one’s gums and their bite. If any infections are present, the dentist will be able to find the signs and treat the infection properly.

Speaking to Your Child About What to Expect

Speaking with your child about what to expect can help ease anxiety because it reduces their fear of the unknown. You can contact your little one’s dentist and ask what things to discuss with them before bringing them in. Once you arrive at the appointment, the dentist will be sure to show your little one all the different dental equipment and show them how everything works before getting started.

This will show your child they have nothing to worry about, even though some of the equipment might look scary. If needed, you can also consider taking your child into the office before their appointment to complete a tour. This is a great opportunity to introduce your little one to their dentist and get them more familiar with the office as well.

Considering Sedation Dentistry

With all of these measures in place, many children begin to enjoy visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Others might have a bit more difficulty remaining calm throughout the entire visit. When this happens, there are other options.

If needed, laughing gas can be used to calm your child during the dental cleaning or procedure. If you’re unfamiliar with how nitrous oxide (laughing gas) works, then be sure to speak with the dentist or dental assistant for more information. No matter what the circumstances are or why your child is unable to sit still, the staff at Park Place will be there to help determine the best solution for everyone.

It’s important that not only your child enjoys their time at the office, but that you do as well. Knowing your child is well taken care of and that the dentist has your child’s best interest in mind will give you peace.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Environment

One of the last ways to ensure your child has an awesome time while visiting the dentist is to build a kid-friendly environment. While waiting to be seen, your little one can watch movies on the waiting room’s television. There are also a few other fun things to do while waiting to be seen.

Your little one can even watch a movie while having their dental exam, cleaning, or procedure done. You can’t forget all the goodies your child will receive on their way out either! Once they’re done with their appointment, they’ll be given a bag of fun goodies for doing such an amazing job.

In their bag, they’ll find a toothbrush and other things as well!

Is Your Little One Ready for the Pediatric Dentist in Arlington?

Is it time to bring your little one to a pediatric dentist in Arlington? Any child scared to go to the dentist will have their anxiety eased when they visit our doctors at Park Place Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, who know exactly how to work with children and make it a fun experience!

Remember, even if your little one doesn’t have teeth yet, it’s still a great idea to bring them in by the age of one or earlier if they do get that first tooth before then.

Are you ready to start down the path of proper oral care for your child?

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