5 Ways Pediatric Dental Care Has Changed over the Last 10 Years

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36% of the United States has a phobia surrounding the dentist. If you remember going to the dentist as a kid, seeking out pediatric dental care may not be the favorite item on your to-do list!

Dental visits often seem scary. That’s true for both children and adults. However, it’s important to instill good habits in your children. That includes caring for their teeth, which is why finding a pediatric dentist in Arlington is so important. 

You may remember whirring machines, loud noises, and painful procedures from your visits as a kid. Fortunately, there have been countless pediatric dental advancements in recent years. And they go far beyond just handing out toothbrushes for kids!

We’ve assembled a guide to some of the top pediatric dental advancements in the last ten years. Let’s get started!

1. The Environment 

The dentist’s office used to be intimidating. With gray-green color schemes, sterile lighting, and a hushed atmosphere, no one wanted to be there. 

It was certainly no place for a child. With the need to be quiet, no entertainment, and long wait times, the dentist’s office wasn’t a popular place to be. 

These days, things have changed. There are often toys, books, TVs, or video games to keep your child occupied. When there’s a fun toy at the dentist’s office, they are much more likely to go. 

When you walk into a children’s hospital, the decor is much different. Bright colors, cartoon characters, and cute animal decor are popular. It makes the whole place seem much different. 

That’s the type of psychology trick many dentist offices are now using. It makes all the difference for their young patients! 

For those that still struggle with dental anxiety, some practices are introducing the concept of therapy animals. What’s better than a cute dog to cuddle with while you wait?

2. Changing Mindsets

In the past, many pediatric dentists dealt with the issues in front of them. If a child had a cavity, it needed fixing. Once that happened, dentists would recommend better hygiene habits, and you’d be on your way.

These days, dentists focus much more on preventative care. Fluoride varnish, dental sealants, digital X-rays … all of these innovations help dentists prevent problems before they even occur. 

What does that mean for your child? In most cases, it means they will have fewer invasive procedures, less dental pain, and less anxiety. It’s a win for everyone!

Many pediatric professionals have also been educated, to some extent, on child psychology. In recent years, professionals have developed a deeper understanding of how to work with child patients.

This makes it easier. As a parent, you’re working with someone who truly understands your child.

It makes it easier for your child to connect with them, too! It makes all the difference if your kid actually likes going to their dentist.

3. Smarter Choices

The dental field has evolved a lot in recent decades. This is true for both children and adults!

In the past, dentists did the best they could with the knowledge they had. However, they didn’t know everything that they do now.

That’s why recent evolutions in dentistry are so important to your child’s safety. Now, mercury, lead, and toxic metals have been eliminated. Dentists are quite careful about the amount of radiation your child is exposed to as well.

4. Making It Fun 

Pediatric dental care doesn’t often have a reputation for being a good time. Kids’ friendly dental clinics know that sometimes all it takes is a little extra effort. 

With pediatric dental care, it’s all about building good habits. After all, a lot of adult issues could be avoided with proper hygiene and preventative care. 

With kids, it’s more difficult to explain the lifelong repercussions of gingivitis or cavities. And if you’re trying to reduce dental anxiety, explaining a root canal will only make it worse!

That’s why many kids’ friendly dental clinics focus on little extras that make it fun for their patients. Do you remember getting a sticker from the doctor? Even though stickers are a dime a dozen, they still made the experience special. 

In some cases, offering toothbrushes for kids is enough to convince little patients to get excited about going to the dentist. In other cases, some clinics have gone above and beyond.

Does your kid always beg for cartoon-themed toothpaste? What about a toothbrush featuring Disney princesses or Marvel characters? Some dental offices will go out of their way to stock these fun extras.

If it gets your kids into the dentist’s office, that’s all that matters! That way, you can spend less time searching for a kids dentist in Arlington, and more time encouraging your child with healthy habits!

5. Lasers 

Lasers are cool for everyone, no matter what age you are! But lasers are one of the most important pediatric dental advancements.

Like most phobias, dental anxiety is often psychological. Even if you or your child have never had a negative experience at the dentist, that fear is still there. 

The pain, noise, and overwhelming stimuli associated with most dental procedures are too much for many kids. That’s why lasers really help.

Lasers help eliminate loud, invasive machines. Instead, they do all the heavy lifting for you. This eliminates the fear of noise and needles. 

Lasers can help your pediatric dentist detect cavities. There is no need for painful poking and prodding! Instead, these lasers detect stains and cavities in the grooves of the teeth. 

Finding Pediatric Dental Care 

Pediatric dental care can feel difficult to find. After all, you need to balance time, distance, schedules, and the perfect fit for your child. If you have multiple children spanning different ages, this can be even harder. 

At Park Place, we’ve got you covered. With empathetic, top-notch care, we love connecting with all of our patients. If you’re looking for quality pediatric dental care, contact us today! We can help.

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